Cloud migration within landing zone deployment

client: bVV

timeline: 4 Months

team: 3 Members

Project overview

The BVV sees itself as a full-service provider of company pension schemes for the financial sector in Germany.


The BVV offers its member companies tailor-made and targeted pension solutions through three independent pension providers.

Landing Zone

Landing zone is the underlying core configuration of any cloud adoption environment.

Landing zones provide a pre-configured environment – provisioned through code – to host workloads in private, hybrid, or public clouds.


Reduce the infrastructure cost, implement on-demand scaling

Formal identity and access management

Fast data transfer between cloud and on-premise


Implement a cloud platform that can manage and process any amount of data


Lack of reliability and security caused by physical data storage


Implemented and deployed a fully managed and scalable landing zone in GCP using Terraform

Set up varied levels of access control for different environments and subsets

Implemented hybrid cloud integration with on-premise network and services through High Availability VPN tunnel

Decided to use BigQuery, Looker, and Kubernetes as a core toolset for Big Data processing

Implemented an Identity and Access Management (IAM) model in line with GCP best practices in response to the use of citizens’ personal data

Deployed and configured data analytics services to move this aspect to the cloud premises


Central allocation and real-time tracking of budgets across all cloud projects

Scalable and highly reliable solution based on the landing zone concept in GCP

Well-secured large amount of data 

Direct use of company-owned services

Centralized security, monitoring, and logging approach

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