AI-based KYC solution with competence development

client: Leading Ukrainian Bank

timeline: 12 Months

team: 7 Members

Project overview

A top-3 Ukrainian bank has been facing difficult times and numerous challenges.


To maintain a leading position in the digital competition, senior management has decided to implement cutting-edge solutions such as machine learning, data analytics, and predictive modeling to address the current situation.


A top-3 Ukrainian bank aims to maintain a leading position in the digital competition among its rivals

Missing expertise in top-notch ML & AI solutions

Layered project tasks


Nonprofitable mobile app without any impact as expected


We are unable to share all the details due to a strict NDA, but here is what we can disclose

We designed and implemented a data analytics and cloud-based ML prediction solution for the core functionality using AWS, Apache Airflow, Kubernetes, Spark, and Minio

In close coordination with the data engineers we built up several combined

— Data engineers
— MLOps with DevOps approach
— Full-stack developers
— QA engineers

We have implemented a consistent development process across all technical departments in the bank and established a shared pool of MLOps/DevOps engineers who can assist in building or expanding engineering teams

Added KYC elements in the MLOps environment for core business service


The business experienced a significant surge in interest

5 new solutions were released for banking services over 6 months with AI and ML underneath

A new prediction model with KYC elements helped to attract new customers

Brand new turn-key KYC solution empowered the company to expedite its development plans and establish a robust foundation for long-term business expansion

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