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We assist you with cloud migration, making your transition to cloud infrastructure easy, quick, and safe. Our team will find the right approach to seamlessly move your applications and data to the cloud with minimal risks for your business.

Our Cloud Migration Services

We offer end-to-end cloud migration services customized according to your business needs. With proven methodologies, reliable tools and a best-fit approach, our experts will plan, guide, and accelerate your cloud migration journey toward digital transformation.

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How Does the Cloud Migration Work?

Our team ensures your smooth and successful cloud journey in 5 essential steps.


At the first step of cloud migration, our specialists work with you to define business goals and priorities, understand your requirements, and assess your current IT infrastructure, applications, and data to find the right migration approach and determine costs.


Here, we develop a cloud strategy, choose the cloud deployment model, and create a comprehensive migration roadmap. Together with you, our specialists agree on the cloud platform design, architecture, security, and governance, along with the cloud services required to implement the solution.


In this critical stage of the cloud migration process, your IT infrastructure, applications, and data are transferred to the cloud-based environment. Our cloud-native and other migration tools ensure design compliance, detect anomalies, and prevent delays for faster and smoother migration.


Once the execution phase is completed, we test the migrated systems, applications, and data to ensure they operate as expected in the cloud environment. This includes functional, performance, and security testing to identify and resolve any issues that may have arisen during cloud transformation.


Post-migration phase involves monitoring performance, cost optimization, resource scaling, documentation, and continuous improvement of your cloud environment. Finally, you can take full advantage of cloud-native technologies and capabilities to unlock your business potential.

Benefits of Cloud Adoption

Accelerated Deployment

Migration tools can significantly accelerate your software delivery process, allowing you to launch new products, services, or applications much faster than traditional on-premises infrastructure. This empowers your business to be more agile, efficient, and competitive in your sector. Additionally, cloud migration solutions allow your team to focus on core competencies and respond to customer needs more effectively.

High Availability

In cloud environments, high availability and reliability are achieved through careful design, encompassing redundancy, failover mechanisms, and continuous monitoring. This minimizes downtime and ensures uninterrupted access to critical applications and services, supporting business continuity. With it, you can generate results that are difficult or expensive to achieve with the on-premise approach.

Improvised Security

Cloud providers pay much attention to security by investing significant resources in comprehensive solutions and built-in security measures to protect applications, data, and users. Security teams have extensive experience and stay updated on security trends and best practices to provide clients with cutting-edge knowledge and resources.

Cost Reduction

Cloud-based solutions eliminate the need to purchase on-premises hardware, maintain expensive data centers, and keep their operators. Cloud migration also reduces the staff’s workload, allowing them to focus on other important tasks that bring business value. Additionally, cloud providers often offer a pay-per-use model when infrastructure is purchased by time used or CPU usage.


Cloud environments enable companies to easily scale resources up or down based on fluctuating workloads and business needs. As a result, your business can easily grow without causing any problems for your existing infrastructure. Cloud application migration helps you scale faster, keeping and improving operational efficiency without impacting your business performance or customer experience.

Our Key Partners

With our partnerships, you have the flexibility to choose from among the leading cloud providers for the digital transformation of your business. Discover public cloud platforms and services that help you access new technologies and deliver tangible outcomes.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

We combine our domain knowledge, engineering, and technology expertise with Google Cloud products and services to help you achieve specific business outcomes. Our experts assist you with migration to GCP—a secure, open, and flexible infrastructure for building and running your applications.

AWS Cloud

Leverage innovation and benefit from applications, cloud, workplace, and analytics provided by Amazon Web Services. Our deep AWS cloud expertise and the right cloud strategy ensure the rapid, confident, and successful migration of your existing applications.

Microsoft Azure

With our partnership with Microsoft, you get full lifecycle solutions and services to take all the benefits of Azure migration. Our certified engineers ensure a seamless migration process with minimal business disruptions, guaranteeing a smooth transition to the cloud.


What is cloud migration?

Cloud migration is the process of moving an organization’s digital assets, including applications, data, and services, from on-premises or legacy infrastructure to cloud-based environments, including migrations between different clouds.

What are the main cloud migration strategies?

There are seven common strategies (7 Rs) for moving applications to the cloud: rehosting, redeployment, repackaging, refactoring, repurchasing, retiring, and retaining. Our team will work with you closely to define the right strategy to move your existing workloads to the cloud, reducing risks, time and cost.

What are common cloud migration challenges?

Cloud migrations can be complex and risky. Here are some main issues standing in the way of successful cloud adoption:


  • wrong cloud migration strategy
  • data security and compliance
  • cost management
  • lack of skills
  • low application performance after migration


But here is the good news: each of these issues has a solution. With our extensive expertise, we can help you overcome specific challenges and achieve digital transformation. Our team will assist you with the process and make it as smooth as possible.

How long does a cloud migration take?

Depending on factors such as project scope, data complexity, organization size, and specific goals, the project duration can vary from a few weeks to several months.

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