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Welcome to A-Dev, where we breathe life into your vision and transform it into scalable and efficient digital solutions.

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Denys Lukashevych

Denys Lukashevych


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Top-Tier Engineers: Our technical experts prioritize quality and scalability in every project. With a meticulous design focus, we build software that stands the test of time.


Bespoke Cloud & DevOps Solutions: Whether you’re looking at cloud security, migration, or cost optimization, our suite of services ensures you’re always ahead of the curve.


Business-First Approach: Our managers and strategists ensure that every solution is in alignment with market trends and business interests.

Our Impact


Revolutionizing EdTech

We have empowered EdTech companies to expand their student base by 65%, unlocking new markets and opportunities through innovative digital platforms.


Transforming Asset Management

Our tailored digital platforms have automated client management processes for asset management companies, saving $250K/year on client manager salaries and enhancing operational efficiency.


Revitalizing Healthcare

In the healthcare sector, we’ve reduced time-to-market by 35%, production vulnerabilities by 85%, and infrastructure maintenance costs by 63%, driving operational excellence and patient satisfaction.


Innovating E-commerce

We’ve propelled freight transport distributors to new heights, adding a value measured at 58% of revenue and opening new avenues for B2B retail through state-of-the-art e-commerce platforms.


Thanks to A Dev's work, the client's CI/CD coverage is at 100%. Their time to deliver solutions has also been reduced to one week, and they've delivered 80% of their backlogs within on sprint. The team manages the engagement well by implementing Scrum processes and setting up proper task tracking.

Anna Pashtalina

Artel Outstaffing Global

The team at A Dev worked smoothly and efficiently. Class attendance increased by 200% as a result of their work. They made the process convenient and were mature throughout the engagement.

Oleksii Polovyi

Recreational Organization

A Dev delivered a fully-functioning source code, much to the client's delight. The team strictly adhered to the project's timelines, and internal stakeholders were particularly impressed with the vendor's communication skills.

Christian Manu

Azure DevOps Engineer, IT Tech

Thanks to the efforts of the A Dev team, the site was fully migrated to the cloud, the UI became more user-friendly, and the backend was modernized. These resulted in cutting costs from server maintenance, a 63% increase in positive feedback from users, and a 60% reduction in in-house development.

Education Industry

CTO, Professional-Event

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