Cloud migration for healthcare platform

client: brainkey

timeline: 8 months

team: 12 members

Project overview

Brainkey is a healthcare platform that offers 3D visualizations, brain volume, and genetic measurements, alongside personalized recommendations for nutrition, physical activity, and adjustments to one’s lifestyle.


Tough deadlines for cloud migration – up to 2 months

Deliverability of all data information due to inefficient implementations

Lack of Agile SDLC and any DevOps practices that result in more effort and time to deliver new features

The huge workload on
the platform causes unneeded slowness without proper optimization

A couple of unusual technical challenges to be done


Turn-key solution based on Microsoft Azure using Kubernetes as core infrastructure platform and Terraform as infrastructure automation toolkit  

High-speed full migration of complex infrastructure from AWS to Azure with minimal downtime and complete integrity of data: 60+ TB of constantly incoming data needs to be migrated without any loss 

Implement all 3D visualization of the medical data in 
the user browser using top-notch solutions based 
on Python, Django, and Angular.  

Reconstruct all development processes and implement DevOps best practices including knowledge sharing and Scrum methodology of software development


Successfully completed migration to Azure cloud in tough deadlines – the platform was up and running on the new cloud in 2 months

Unified all microservices to the general approach 

Optimized and sped up all upload and allocation services by up to 30% 

Aligned cloud infrastructure to suit target budgets

Onboarded team to the Azure cloud, enabling them to make all needed changes on the platform side for future improvements

Tight work with C-level to implement cultural and process innovations in a work environment for better inner workings

Client Feedback

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Owen Philips, PhD

CEO and Founder of BrainKey

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